Paper cup machine

Our paper cup machines, made in Hyderabad and sold all over Andhra Pradesh, can make 50 to 60 cups per minute adding to a one hour productivity of 3000 to 3600 cups per hour. You do not need more than one operator, enabling the cut down on labor costs, since the machines are all automatic. We provide very advanced automatic machinery to our customers and clients at reasonable prices in Andhra pradesh and also to other South Indian States.
Paper cup machine
Our paper cup machine carries out each and every process of making cups with meticulous perfection. The cups our machines make are well coated and glued to not let any seepage happen from inside. You may choose between coating double or single side among other preset specifications.

Paper cup machine Hyderabad

Paper cup machine has only recently become a familiar product. Though we may have consumed tea, coffee, fruit juices, soft drinks, etc., we would hardly think about what made the cup that was held by your hands both before and after consuming and crushing. The cup served you some delicious or tasty beverage. We are one of the premium manufacturers of paper cup machines with plenty of experience and technical know-how in the industry.
Doubleside PE paper cup machine
Generally, our paper cup machines, manufactured at Hyderabad, in Andhra Pradesh, attract buyers by their cutting-edge technological specifications. The speed, delivery, productivity, power consumption and quality simply have remained unmatched over the years.
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